The History of S.P. Inter Marine

SP Inter Marine started in 1973 as a trucking company delivering goods around central Bangkok supporting the river transport companies of the time. Noticing the inefficiencies in the operations, thought they could bring value to this specialized form of logistics. SPI started with 500,000 tons /year and has grown in to 10,000,000 tons/year. Throughout all this, it remains a family company true to it’s values and loyal to its customers.


Starts as a small overland trucking and stevedoring operator.


Establishment of S.P. Inter Marine’s first floating crane in Gulf of Thailand


Investment in 5 large-scale warehouses in the Ayuthaya location as well as marine-vehicle maintenance facilities


Expands to marine barge
transport with a focus
on agricultural goods


Construction of S.P. Inter Marine’s own Ayuthaya port and loading dock


SP Inter marine expanded its business by adding more cargo barge to increase its capabilities and provide more services such as ship repair and maintenance to meet customer needs.


Full one-stop service

  • 6 floating cranes
  • 134 barges and 25 tugs
  • River Port 298 meter of wharf length
    • Inbound 12,000 MT./DAY
    • Outbound 8,000 MT./DAY
  • 11 warehouses with a 300,000 tonnes capacity
  • GHP&HACCP , GMP+ Certified
  • ISO 9001:2015


Our Values


We understand that in the world of specialized logistics, those “over-water” miles can be fraught with delays, missed deadlines, and information blackouts. At S.P. Inter Marine we harness one of the largest fleets of barges and floating cranes in Thailand to ensure your goods are always “on the move” so that your business can keep on going.


To remain one of the leading operators in the field we are constantly updating our systems, technical platforms and specialized machinery to ensure we are offering you the very best service at competitive prices.


We value the trust our clients have with us and employ the latest in CCTV, cargo monitoring and tracking systems to ensure your precious cargo is being looked after every step of the way.

Who uses S.P. Inter Marine

S.P. Inter Marine is insured by leading insurance company

Certificate of our services

S.P. Inter Marine is insured by leading insurance company